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Success Stories

At Platanus we put all our effort into delivering great value to our clients and projects on a timely and continuous fashion. These are some of our happy tales:

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LATAM Airlines Group, Latin America's largest airline holding company needed a way to test their own online selling platform to be sure their clients would be offered the promotions and discounts their marketing departments were announcing to their frequent flyers. Promotions usually have specific restrictions, for example: there are dates for the returning ticket for which the promotions do not apply, etc. These promotions can get quite complex and, therefore, error prone. The software developed by Platanus receives the same spreadsheet with which promotions are loaded to the airline's e-commerce system, and executes a series of automated tests from our servers as if it was a common user. The result is a series of reports like "The promotion was not found when it should have been" or "The promotion was found when it shouldn't have..." that allow Lan collaborators to react and take measures before a mad client lets them know of the mistake.
Enex, the holding behind Shell and Terpel, two of the major gas distribution brands in Chile, needed a way to monitor the price at which the different gasoil products where being sold to the public by their own distributors and their competition. The chilean government, as part of their transparency agenda, publishes real time prices on a website mainly focused consumers, displaying current prices of each gas station to help them take better buying decisions. Platanus developed a web robot that extracts prices from the government site and provides them as a dynamic pivot table online to Enex collaborators. The software Platanus developed also provides alerts that trigger on certain conditions of price change defined by the users and records the history of price every hour.
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On early 2011, our team identified a strong need on the local market. People that wanted to order food delivery were limited to calling on the phone, usually reaching a small portion of the restaurant supply. People knew only a handful of options, usually limited to pizza and sushi, while hundreds of local restaurants were striving to be acknowledged as an option. They needed to expand their sales by delivering food to their neighbourhood and beyond, but didn't have much option but to hand flyers door by door in order to convince people to order from them. We raised seed capital and built a geo-referenced directory for ordering food in Santiago. We also built a Windows desktop application to enable restaurants to receive orders on their computers. Later on we built an iPhone/Android app and accounting solutions for the company. In all, we ended up building all the technology needed to run a company. We finally sold QueHambre as a whole on 2014.
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Most shopping malls and big retailers need to control who can access their facilities depending on permissions and schedules. Shopping malls receive a large number of workers, usually at night. Most of times, workers are hired by a different store, they typically go to decorate shop windows, paint, fix, etc. Authentication and authorisation of workers is a big issue for them, as is controlling who showed up when promised. Interkambio is a company that was born to solve this problem. They hired Platanus to create the whole system they now use to run their Software as a Service business. Completely hosted on the cloud, KSec provides Cencosud and MallPlaza, the largest mall chains in the region, with a feature rich access control system.
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