Toku provides payments for subscription companies in Latin America. When an entrepreneur connects Stripe, he has a monthly 20% rejection rate so we retry with multiple payment processors cutting involuntary churn by 96%. We are doubling revenue every 3 months with a NDR above 150%.


CEO & Cofounder

Cristina Etcheberry

- Product Manager, self-taught developer and dog lover.
- +3 years of experience working at Latam biggest Airline and Product Owner from idea to conception of Brasil Alexa's Skill.
- Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, BS in Business and Economics. Graduated on top ten of promotion.


Enzo Tamburini

Ingeniería Civil con Major en Ciencias de la Computación en Pontificia Universidad Católica
Me motivan los desafíos técnicos interesantes y también la generación del mejor equipo posible
Batch 2 PV
YC S21
Batch 1 Ignite Startup Chile

Co-Founder & CRO

Francisca Noguera

Ingeniería Comercial en Pontificia Universidad Católica
Ex Banco Falabella
Batch 2 PV
YC S21
Batch 1 Ignite Startup Chile

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