Build Sprint

Work intensively for four weeks to launch your project, together with the Build Sprint builder community.

At the end of the Build Sprint, we will choose three teams for a final interview with Platanus. If they do well in the interview, they will receive US $200k in investment and participate in our founders program.

How does it work?



Define the project and enter a four-week product-focused goal that is specific, measurable, and challenging (but not impossible).

Weekly reports

Each week you will report progress towards the goal and whether you are on track. You will receive feedback from Platanus.


Support among teams is one of the things that will help you the most. You can participate in a Discord community and get feedback.


Many Platanus founders have participated in the Build Sprint before being selected for the program.



Have a barely or undeveloped product. You must have at least an idea that allows you to start building something.

Tech member

The team must have at least one tech member who is capable of building the product.


Have time to build the product, enter weekly reports, and participate in group meetings.

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