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The first version of the program took place in 2020 and our startups have already raised over US $30M. Our founders have co-founded successful startups like Fintual and Buda.com, and have built products used worldwide by millions of people.

The team is composed of people who have experience in various fields that can contribute to your legal, technological, capital raising needs, and everything necessary for your startup to achieve its full potential.

Marialicia Mendoza
Marialicia Mendoza Admin y operaciones
Joaquin Stephens
Joaquin Stephens Founding Partner
Natalia Fouillioux
Natalia Fouillioux Partner
Rafael Fernández
Rafael Fernández Ingeniero de software
Paula Arellano
Paula Arellano Partner
Andrés Matte
Andrés Matte Founding Partner
Jaime Bunzli
Jaime Bunzli Founding Partner
Jan Heinvirta
Jan Heinvirta Visiting Partner
Diana Palacios
Diana Palacios Portfolio Manager
Agustín Feuerhake
Agustín Feuerhake Founding Partner
Paula Enei
Paula Enei Founding Partner
Raimundo Herrera
Raimundo Herrera Partner
Nicolás Guridi
Nicolás Guridi Ingeniero de software
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We have the support of founders of these successful startups.

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We are inserted in a community where startups and technology are discussed all day. We have offices in Santiago and CDMX where founders and developers live together, become friends and share knowledge.

Platanus team eating together
People under the old Platanus logo Photo of a Platanus batch
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