We will help you build and grow a product that people love, we will give you essential tools for your journey as a founder, and on Demo Day you can present your business to a selected group of investors to raise more capital.

From the moment you enter the program, you will be part of a community of people with ambitions, interests, and missions similar to yours. You can participate in our Slack, after offices, exclusive talks, and you can talk to any founder of Platanus. This is one of the greatest values of Platanus.


We will invest USD 100,000 for 7% of your company and we will help you take off.


We will help you focus on the most important thing so you can grow fast week by week.


You will be part of the best network of founders and software developers in the Spanish-speaking world.

Demo Day

On Demo Day you will present in front of a selected number of investors.



Digital startup

Our experience is with digital startups, and these will be the ones we accept and support in our program.

Full-time team

The team of founders must be dedicated full-time to the project once the program starts. Preferably they should be a team of 2 to 5 people.

Technical founder

At least one person on the team must be able to build the product and attract technical talent.


These are some of the things you can expect when selected

Sala de clases

Periodic mentoring


Every two weeks, you and your group of startups will have a session with mentor founders of companies that are further along than yours. They will help you avoid the most common mistakes that teams usually make, and they will push you to grow constantly.

Presentation to investors

Demo Day

At the end of the program, you will present at a Demo Day with the aim of raising more capital. The best VCs and angel investors in the region will see the Platanus startups with the aim of investing in businesses with potential. We will support you with software and network to improve your chances of raising.

Fundamental experience

Talks with founders

During the program, the founders of the batch have the opportunity to talk to successful founders in exclusive sessions, where they tell unpublished details of the stories of their startups.

Knowledge network

Office hours

You can request meetings with all the founders of Platanus, in addition to the extensive network of experts who make their time available to the teams of the Platanus community. You can schedule with almost anyone in the network in a couple of clicks.

New connections


We will invite you to a dinner where you can share with founders at different stages in a relaxed and casual way, with the aim of building bonds and learning from the stories of the rest.

Variety of opportunities

Much more

We have other activities, such as recurring sessions with Platanus partners, exclusive sessions and events for technical founders, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main activities of the program are remote. But we do some optional activities in person in Mexico or Chile.

No, you do not have to be 100% dedicated to apply.

Yes, when you start the program you must be 100% dedicated to the company.

You receive the 100 thousand dollars in cash in your account. We do not charge anything.

You do not have to have the company incorporated to apply. If selected, you will have to incorporate it to receive the investment.

The investment document we sign gives us the right to 7% of the company.

We use a post-money SAFE.

We are only investing through the acceleration program with our fixed deal of 100 thousand dollars for 7%.

The minimum is 10%, but we like teams where the percentage among the founders is relatively balanced.

From any country in the world as long as the founders speak Spanish.

Yes, you can apply as a solo founder. But the chances of being selected are lower.

You can apply with just an idea. It adds points if you have some product developed and/or some sale.

We review the application internally, and we might call you for a first interview. If that goes well, we will call you for a second interview. With that we decide whether to invest or not.

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