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Demo Day

Once per semester, the Platanus startups present in front of a selected group of the best investors in the region.

If you are interested in seeing the startups, we invite you to apply so that you can participate in the event.


On Demo Day, the founders of the startups from the last batch present their ventures to a small number of specially invited investors. Demo Day is a private event, which can only be attended by those investors who have been sent an invitation and confirm their attendance.

At the end of each semester, around June and November each year.

The next Demo Day will be held online on May, 29 at 15:00 pm (Chile) / 13:00 pm (CDMX) / 12:00 pm (PDT).

Demo Day is held entirely online. Each startup will present for no more than 3 minutes. Then attendees can schedule meetings with the founders to learn more about each venture. From the start of the event, a seven-day period will open for investors to invest through our platform.

You can apply here

Investments are made through a SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity). We believe it is the best investment instrument for the stage of the ventures and the amounts to be raised. You can get more information about the SAFE in the following links:

The minimum amount to invest will be USD 6,000.

No. If you want to start investing in startups you can also apply. We want the investment experience to be simple, transparent and without many procedures. However, given the national regulation, we reserve the right to invite a maximum of investors.

Yes, as long as the group acts through a common representative. The representative must remain throughout the entire investment.

It will depend on the moment the startup raises an investment round issuing shares. Generally, startups will hold a round within no more than 4 years.

It depends on the amount invested and the valuation cap of the SAFE. You can read more about it here .

You can see the information of our startups here .

Yes. you can invest in all the startups you want, with separate tickets.

Startups need money quickly. It is expected that you will transfer within 3 weeks of reaching an agreement.

Each startup will decide how to report. It is usually an email with a certain frequency.

With contacts, advice in an area where you are an expert, helping them spread information, follow and share them on social networks, etc.

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