Incumbent semantic search yields false positives for similar words due to poor vector context. To solve the context problem, Blar built a database based on a graph structure where each vector has neighbors' data.


AI Expert

José Domínguez

Ever since I started learning about AI I became obsessed with how it can be used to optimize processes, automate tasks and gain insights previously thought impossible to achieve using a computer. This obsession made me take part in most of the AI courses offered at my university. At a previous startup, we created a system capable of recording, translating and gaining insights based on Inbound calls using AI.


Benjamín Errázuriz

I studied Computational Civil Engineering and have been dedicated to programming since the outset of my career. I am particularly focused on the intersection between technology and product, always ensuring that everything we build is meaningful, cohesive, and delivers value to the end user. In my first job, I transitioned from a Full Stack Engineer to Teach Lead in less than two years. I managed a mobile sales app, growing its user base from 10 to 120 in just six months.


Patricio Daher

I'm all about Product, whether I'm wearing my PM or Group PM hat at big companies or pursuing my own ventures. In my previous startup, I made it profitable in less than three months, even as we expanded into a new international market (Exit). During my time at Xepelin, I advanced from a Product Manager to a Group Product Manager within a year, thanks to my consistent delivery of value to the company

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